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    Backed by a world-leading insurer, the Q Report Jewellery Insurance Policy is the only policy that guarantees you can always return to your original jeweller in the case of any loss or damage.

    Coverage details:

    • 12 months of worldwide cover
    • Immediate cover before you leave your Q Certified jeweller
    • An agreed value policy
    • Guarantee that you can always return to your original Q Certified jeweller in the case of any claim
    • Annual revaluation of your jewellery at no additional costs

    Chubb Insurance Company of Australia, an internationally renowned insurance organisation that specialises in the protection of jewellery and fine arts, backs the Q Report policy, so you know you can trust your diamonds with it. The policy even includes a patent pending system that revaluates your jewellery annually at no extra charge, and is a standalone policy so you will not need any prior existing insurance.

    Diamond Exchange recommends the Q Report Jewellery Insurance Policy because of its recognition and reliability, and also because of its value and ease of use. With the Q Report, your jewellery is insured at the purchase price, rather than a valuation price, so you will not have to pay any excessive premiums. All data is stored in a highly secure online jewel vault so it can be accessed at any time and anywhere in the case of a claim.

    The Q Report Jewellery Insurance Policy is exclusively available only through Q Certified jewellers. Diamond Exchange is a Q Certified jeweller; so if you would like to get the Q Report policy for your diamonds, simply fill in our contact form and a highly trained Diamond Exchange consultant will be in touch with you within three business days.

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