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    Find Your Right Finger Size

    At Diamond Exchange, we want to make sure that you are clear on the buying process before purchasing that special diamond ring, and that includes knowing the right ring size for a given finger. We know how frustrating it can be when dealing with an ill-fitting ring, so here are two easy methods for you to find out your right ring size.  


    1.     Free Ring Sizer

    When you are ready to make your purchase from us, get it right the first time with this handy plastic ring sizer, so request for a free one now! Simply fill in the necessary details on the Ring Sizer form and we will be more than happy to send you a free plastic ring sizer. (Applicable to Australian residents only.)



    2.     Measure It Yourself

    Because we know some shoppers who cannot wait, Diamond Exchange have also produced an easy-to-read ring sizing guide for you to download, print and use to determine your right ring size, all in the comfort of your own home.

    We have provided two easy ways for you to find your right ring size yourself. First, download our printable Ring Sizing Guide and print it.


    Please note:

    • Before you hit ‘Print’, make sure that page scaling is set to ‘None’ in your print options.
    • Ensure the Ring Sizing Guide is printed on standard A4-size paper for best accuracy.


    Measure Your Finger

    1. Print and cut out the marked ring sizer as shown below.
    2. Wrap the ring sizer around the ring finger with the marked side visible to you.
    3. Note down the letter that is the closest to the slit in the fatter end – that is your ring size.

    Illustration 023 edit2


    Measure Your Ring

    1. Print the Ring Sizing Guide. For this method, you only need to concern yourself with the set of circles as displayed below.
    2. Select a ring that fits the intended finger properly.
    3. Place the ring over the circles until the inside of the ring matches a specific circle.
    4. If your ring happens to fall between two sizes, select the larger one.

    Measure Ring 1


    Extra Tips:

    • For the best results, measure your ring size either at the end of the day or when warm. Fingers shrink slightly in mornings and when cold.
    • Ensure that your ring should be tight enough so it will not fall off easily, but also loose enough to be able to slide over your knuckles.
    • Do not use flimsy materials such as string to measure your ring size as they are not reliable for accurate measurements.

    Note: This Ring Sizing Guide by Diamond Exchange is subject to inaccuracies dependant on print options, paper type, and other possible factors.

    Should you have any further questions, simply fill in our contact form and a highly trained Diamond Exchange consultant will be in touch with you within three business days. For more urgent requests, please call 1300 929 888 or email us atsales@diamondexchange.com.au.

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