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    Diamond Carat Weight Explained

    At Diamond Exchange, we want you to understand that a diamond’s carat weight is more than just a term of measurement.


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    To be precise, the carat weight specifically refers to the weight of a diamond. However to understand how a diamond’s carat weight corresponds with its size, we recommend that you consider a stone’s carat weight in conjunction with two other factors – the dimensions of the top (crown) and its quality of cut.

    The first one deals with the millimetre dimensions of the top of the diamond. This is a significant factor to think about because a diamond, when set into a ring, is always viewed from its top. The second one to note is the cut of the diamond. As mentioned in Diamond Exchange’s Cuts Explained, the cut of your diamond is its most significant characteristic so this should be a factor to consider carefully. If a diamond is cut too narrow and deep, it hides some of the carat weight in the base, making the stone appear smaller than its given weight. If a diamond is cut too wide and shallow, it will undoubtedly have a large top diameter for its given weight but light will leak through the bottom of the diamond, making it appear dull. A well-cut diamond will reflect the maximum amount of light back through the top of the stone, making it appear larger.

    At Diamond Exchange, we have created this downloadable Diamond Carat Size Chart to show how well-cut diamonds of differing weights will appear when viewed from above. (Please note that non-round diamond shapes may differ depending on their length-to-width ratio

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