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    Care For Your Diamonds

    While diamonds and precious stones are extremely hard and durable substances, it does not mean that they are indestructible. Diamonds last for years and can be passed down from one generation to the next, but to keep them looking their best and most brilliant will require some maintenance.


    DO NOT

    • Wear your diamond jewellery during rigorous work or sporting activities: A diamond is the hardest substance in the world, but a hard blow can still chip it.
    • Let your diamond rings come into contact with hard surfaces: Doing so can lead to scratches or dents in the metal, or even loosen the setting of your ring.
    • Leave your diamonds near any sort of cosmetics, perfumes or household cleaners: Such corrosive substances can damage and discolour the mounting of your jewellery.


    • Check your diamond jewellery regularly: So you can ensure that the settings are secure. If you notice any sign of damage, bring it to a professional jeweller as soon as you can.
    • Have a qualified jeweller inspect your diamonds at least once a year: Not only would the jeweller be able to perform the required repair work; they can also give your jewellery a professional clean.



    care for your diamonds

    Diamond Exchange has compiled these four quick and effective ways for you to clean your diamond jewellery in the comfort of your own home.

    1. Wash and Brush: Mix a small bowl of warm water with any kind of mild liquid detergent. Dip your diamond jewellery in the mixture, and use a soft toothbrush to give it a gentle scrub and dislodge any dirt. Rinse in cold, clean water afterwards, then pat dry with a soft cloth.
    2. Soak: Mix a small bowl of five parts cold, clean water and one part household ammonia. Soak your diamond ring in the mixture for three – five minutes, then lift it out and tap it gently with a soft brush. Rinse it in the mixture once more, and then drain to dry on a piece of tissue.
    3. Quick Dip: For this method, you will need to buy liquid jewellery cleaner, and be very careful to choose one that is best for your diamonds. Read the label thoroughly and follow the instructions to mix it (with/without water) in a small bowl to dip your diamond jewellery in.
    4. Ultra Clean: You will be able to find small ultrasonic jewellery cleaners being sold, which will be able to clean any piece of jewellery within minutes due to high-frequency turbulence. If you do decide to buy your own ultrasonic jewellery cleaner, please ensure to read the instructions carefully prior to use.

    Diamonds have an affinity with grease so to keep your diamonds looking their best, Diamond Exchange advises you to wipe your diamond jewellery daily with a soft, dry cloth.



    DO NOT

    • Store your diamond jewellery together: It is best to keep your diamond rings and jewellery separate from one another as they can scratch very easily.
    • Leave your jewellery boxes near excessive heat or moisture: Doing so can damage some of your stones.


    • Keep your diamond rings and jewellery individually: Storing them in separate pouches or in a soft-lined box with compartments would be ideal.
    • Buy a jewellery travel case when travelling: You will be able to find many types of jewellery travel cases in all sizes and colours, and it is a good way to keep your jewellery organised and protected. 

    It is inevitable that all diamond jewellery will experience general wear and tear over time. If you would like for us to inspect your Diamond Exchange purchase, simply fill in our contact form and a highly trained Diamond Exchange consultant will be in touch with you within three business days.

    For more urgent requests, please call 1300 929 888 or email us at sales@diamondexchange.com.au

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