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    CanadaMark Collection

    Each diamond in the CanadaMarkTM collection is of true Canadian origin, having been individually tracked from BHP Billiton’s Ekati Diamond MineTM and guaranteed to be all natural and untreated for your peace of mind. Diamond Exchange is proud to be working with the Ekati mine to bring these beautiful diamonds to you. 


    canada mark


    When BHP Billiton’s Ekati Diamond MineTM was first discovered and established in the Northwest Territories of Canada, the country soon became the world’s third largest supplier of gem-quality diamonds. Canada now produces more diamonds in value than South Africa.


    can mark


    Guarantee of Origin

    CanadaMarkTM is an origin hallmark, guaranteeing that each diamond in the CanadaMarkTM collection has been sourced from BHP Billiton’s Ekati Diamond MineTM. Every single CanadaMarkTM diamond is carefully tracked from the rough crystal through to the finished stone, and a unique serial number is allocated to each one for close monitoring. The serial number of each CanadaMarkTM diamond is laser-inscribed on the girdle of the stone, and is also printed on the accompanying CanadaMarkTM certificate card.


    canadamark inscription


    Highest Quality

    Only the finest rough crystals are hand-selected from the Ekati mine to be made into CanadaMarkTM diamonds.

    Extensive research has led to CanadaMarkTM establishing highly specific and strict requirements for each graded diamond to ensure the highest quality, consistently. These parameters range across colour, clarity, symmetry and finish, and guarantee the brilliance of each diamond. No matter the size of the stone, each CanadaMarkTM diamond still meets the strictest quality standards.


    Verify Your Diamond

    The unique serial number laser-inscribed on each CanadaMarkTM diamond represents more than just a group of figures. BHP Billiton tracks all CanadaMarkTM diamonds in its records, so you can verify the authenticity of your CanadaMarkTM diamond by simply heading over to the CanadaMarkTM website and typing in the tracking number and polished diamond weight.

    View our CanadaMarkTM collection now. 

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