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    Ice on Fire Collection

    The cut of a diamond is an important factor to consider when purchasing because it is the quality of the cut that affects the brilliance of the stone the most. With that in mind, every stone in Diamond Exchange’s exclusive Ice on Fire collection has been carefully selected and cut to the highest possible standards.


    Sourcing the Finest Rough


    Originating from superior sources all around the world, our exclusive Ice on Fire diamonds are hand-selected and cut from the finest rough. The rough stones are thoroughly examined by our Diamond Exchange experts, who will then mark the proportions to create the most brilliance.


    Perfect Proportions

    DEx I003

    The proportions of a diamond affect how light travels within the stone so diamonds must be cut with the perfect proportions to maximise the amount of light reflected through the top. If it is cut too shallow and wide, or too deep and narrow, the reflected light will leak out of the bottom and sides of the stone, causing the diamond to lose its sparkle. Diamond Exchange’s Ice on Fire diamonds are marked and cut to perfect proportions, so each stone is as brilliant as it can possibly be.


    Perfect Symmetry

    DEx I016

    The symmetry of a diamond refers to the exactness of the shape and placement of the stone’s facets, and is also another major element of a stone’s brilliance. When the facets are properly aligned, all the reflected light is directly focused at your eye. If the shape of the facets is slightly irregular, or if the facets are not in alignment, it causes a misdirection of light, as shown in the top left image.

    Diamond Exchange’s Ice on Fire diamonds are perfectly regular and symmetrically aligned, as shown in the top right image, ensuring that the maximum amount of brilliance is evenly reflected.


    Perfect Polish

    iceonfire polish

    The polish of a diamond can also greatly affect its brilliance. When a diamond is not properly polished, fine polishing lines are left across the facets, reducing the intensity of light entering or leaving the stone. Diamond Exchange’s Ice on Fire diamonds are each polished to the highest standards for maximum brilliance.


    Hearts and Arrows

    iceonfire heartsarrows

    Because all of our Ice on Fire diamonds are cut with perfect proportions, symmetry and polish, each one exhibits the visual phenomena known as Hearts and Arrows. When a perfectly cut and polished diamond is viewed through its pavilion (bottom) with an Ice-Scope, you will see a beautiful pattern of eight hearts as shown on the left. When viewed through its crown (top), you will see a dramatic configuration of eight arrows as shown on the right.

    Purchase a diamond from our Ice on Fire collection and you will also receive your own Ice-Scope, a useful tool to help you see the Hearts and Arrows effect in your stone.


    iceonfire scope


    Certification and Laser Inscription

    iceonfire certificate

    Each diamond from our Ice on Fire collection is graded and certified by the GIA. Moreover, each diamond comes with its own individual Diamond Exchange Guarantee of Authenticity, verifying your diamond’s adherence to the specific quality requirements of our exclusive Ice on Fire collection.

    Every single Ice on Fire diamond has the logo and its international certification number laser inscribed on its girdle. The 5-digit certification number will match the one on the accompanying Guarantee of Authenticity.

    View our Ice on Fire collection now, because you only deserve the best. 


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