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Brooke Hogan Q&A

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We sat down with our very own Brand Ambassador Brooke Hogan who shares her love of jewellery and what it's like developing your own jewellery collection.

How did the opportunity to become a brand ambassador for Diamond Exchange come about? 

When Diamond Exchange approached my agency, I knew I wanted to be their brand ambassador as I've always had a passion for jewellery. And of course, every girl loves diamonds!

What did you like about the Diamond Exchange brand? Any specific pieces or collections?

More than anything I loved how easy it is to choose your own diamond online and custom make whatever ring or piece of jewellery you want.

What was your first impression of Diamond Exchange? Can you share the story?

From my first meeting with the Diamond Exchange team I knew I wanted to be a part of the family. Everyone was so friendly and welcoming. From our first shoot and the moment I walked into the Melbourne showroom I was blown away by how beautiful all the jewellery was. The girls there are so passionate about diamonds and jewellery and I have learnt so much listening to them. I was pretty impressed to find out that they were the first online diamond retailer, and it makes sense. We buy everything online now, so why not diamonds too?

What are the key features of being a brand ambassador?

I get to represent this amazing brand! This means modelling their key custom pieces in ad campaigns and at events. I also got to develop and design my own collection.

What's it like fulfilling what could be every girls' dream: being a diamond brand ambassador?!

It's really fun. I just love being able to wear their beautiful jewellery and trying on all the new pieces. I remember when I was young and I used to walk past jewellery store windows and imagine what it would be like to own such gorgeous pieces of jewellery, I remember looking at the models in the windows and thinking I hope one day that is me!

The Brooke Collection launched recently – what has the feedback been like?

I have had so many compliments on my collection. It's crazy! I think everybody loves the simplicity and elegance of the styles. I also think they appreciate the pieces are practical and can be worn every day.

Were you involved in the design brief, style, or gem, band, metal selection?

Since I'm no expert in diamonds, I left that part to the diamond specialists (laughs) but I did get very involved in designing the jewellery and choosing styles that I would wear myself. I love the rose gold trend and I really wanted to incorporate this into the collection. I also wanted the collection to have a contemporary feel to reflect my personal style.

How would you describe the Collection?

Very me! Every piece can be dressed up or dressed down which is amazing as I love dressing up for events like the Grand Prix, but am also happy going for coffee with my friends in my jeans. I obviously wanted to be on trend, but I know this collection needed to be elegant and timeless, as diamonds are forever.

What is your favourite piece in the Collection?

This one! (Points to finger) I loved it so much I had to take it home with me! (Laughs). There are just so many diamonds and so much sparkle. I love it. When I wear it I can't stop looking at it and I get so many compliments. I love that it can be worn every day to any occasion.

What are some details of the collection that reflect your personality?

With my job I am obviously really interested in fashion. I'd consider my collection to be really on trend and quite girly/classy to reflect my personal style. I would say I am I quite sentimental too, and to me jewellery and especially diamond jewellery, symbolises love and precious moments and I love that when people look at my collection it makes them feel something.

Brooke with Director and Gemologist, Sam Thomas

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