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Which Diamond Are You?

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We can admit it; diamonds are a girl’s best friend and what better way to find out more about your best friend than to take the DX Diamond Quiz! Answer the questions below that best fit your personality, and we can tell you the diamond cut that you will adore the most. After all, these particular ‘best friends’ stick with you for life.      


Answer the questions below, and add up your answers at the end! 

1. What best describes your personality?

a) Friendly

b) Fashionista

c) Clean-freak

d) Party animal

e) Quirky

2. What does your ideal Friday night look like?

a) Classic film and popcorn

b) Cocktail bar with the girls

c) A hatted restaurant with your man

d) A night in and a face mask

e) Sparkly dress and 90s music

3. Where is your ideal holiday location?

a) Road trip to your hometown

b) Paris. Paris. Paris.

c) A yacht, travelling down a secluded river

d) Anywhere, as long as it has wine and good food

e) A 5-star resort in Bali with your closest friends

4. What is your go-to home cooked recipe?

a) Lamb roast and veggies

b) Quick and easy stir-fry

c) Salmon on smashed pea puree

d) A classic spag bol

e) Take-out – who has time to cook?

5. If your life was a TV show, which one would it be?

a) Bewitched

b) Sex & the City

c) Suits

d) Bold & the Beautiful

e) F.R.I.E.N.D.S

6. What is the ultimate weekend outfit?

a) Floral maxi-dress

b) Little black dress

c) Jeans and your go-to designer tee

d) Activewear. All day, every day.

e) A patterned jumper with platform Jimmy Choo’s

7. If you were stuck on a secluded island, what is one thing you would take?

a) A good book

b) Mobile phone

c) Toothbrush

d) Your favourite lipstick

e) Bikini’s


Mostly A’s – You are a Round cut diamond. Why mess with perfection! You love the traditional and simple things in life, and you don’t care to spend your nights in black and white. You’re not one to make a fuss. All you need in life is a good book, a good wine and a good down-to-earth man. When you try on that round shaped halo ring, all of your dreams suddenly come true!

Mostly B’s – Congrats, you’re a Princess! Well, the diamond shape anyway… You are modern, with a touch of class, and you won’t say no to an Espresso Martini when given the chance. You live life to the fullest, as long as you have your girlfriends by your side. You’re loyal, thoughtful and spoil yourself when you deserve it. When you try on that Princess shape, lights shine down on you! (OK, not really, but you get the point!)

Mostly C’s – Oh darling, welcome to the Emerald cut club. You don’t like to admit it, but you’re a touch of a perfectionist and don’t mind a good spring clean every month (or week). You have a heart of gold, and your man is one lucky guy. Don’t feel like you aren’t fun, as this side of you comes when the mood is right (once the house is cleaned, and dogs have been fed, of course). Try on an Emerald and feel the difference, you can thank us later!

Mostly D’s – Hey girl, you’re a Cushion cut! Fashionista, trendsetter, the life of the party, dramatic and out-going. You love proper skin care and aren’t afraid to spend money on a new range Gucci jacket. You enjoy spending time with family and friends. However, you are quite satisfied lounging on the couch, online shopping. Although you are loud and bold, Cushion girls love listening and giving advice wherever possible. Cheers to that!

Mostly E’s – Pear’s, gather ‘round! You love the Pear shape diamond sitting nicely on your left hand. You love being spontaneous, funny and making people smile. You’re more outgoing that our Cushion-cut friends and you’re ALWAYS up for a night out – no matter your mood. You hate to admit it, but all eyes on you feel pretty damn good most days. At school, you were the class clown and loved anything out of the ordinary. Pear is a statement piece, and you are definitely a statement, girl. Rock that big pear shape and tell the world who’s boss!

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