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Men's Wedding Rings & Bands

Selecting men's wedding bands can be challenging as men are often not used to wearing rings. However, our online process for choosing men's wedding rings in Australia, with the ability to live-chat with our passionate experts, will make it fun. We will help you consider your Australian lifestyle (including career and hobbies) and your personal style to ensure you select a men's wedding band that you will be proud to wear for a lifetime.

If you are a simple man who values discretion and quality you'll be attracted to our range of lustrous men's wedding rings in yellow, white gold, or platinum. Platinum is hypo-allergenic and its strength and durability makes it a popular choice for men, especially as scratches to platinum actually enhance the look of the ring over time. If you still prefer a gold wedding ring, however, consider 9ct gold for its strength.

As for design, we can help you choose between a half round men's wedding band which will minimize the chance of it catching, or a flat radius design for a cutting-edge. Patterns can further personalize men's wedding rings, either with cut-outs in the ring, or by combining brushed gold with polished, all handcrafted in Australia. Alternatively, have your wedding band highlight your unique personal style by combining metals into a two-tone wedding ring for a bolder, modern look.

The addition of a few high quality diamonds to your wedding ring will complement your partner's wedding ring perfectly and symbolize your union. A band of diamonds around your ring, or just one on the top of your wedding band, there is an option for every discerning groom.

Free, prompt delivery in Australia will ensure this is a most pleasurable part of planning your wedding.

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