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Ladies' Wedding Rings & Bands

You're planning a spectacular event to celebrate your love. The wedding bands you choose are the symbol of that love that you will wear for a lifetime. Ensure you get the best ladies' wedding ring by consulting with the online wedding ring experts.

When you stand in front of the most important people in your life, declaring your love and commitment to your partner, you'll want a wedding ring that perfectly conveys who you are as a woman.

Our selection of ladies' wedding rings is exquisite and our jewellery experts are available online or by appointment at our Melbourne showroom to guide you through the process of purchasing a ladies' diamond encrusted, or metal only, wedding band.

Traditional plain wedding bands are still a popular classic and come in a choice of white, yellow or rose gold, or platinum. Ladies' wedding bands with the addition of patterns can further personalise your look and can be used to create a matching wedding ring for your partner..

Diamond wedding bands have become an increasingly popular option for women in recent years, and these work particularly well for women who want their wedding band to complement their engagement ring. Incorporating diamonds in the same shape, cut and setting as in your engagement ring will have the two seamlessly merging as a symbol of your relationship.

If you want to be less traditional and set yourself apart from the crowd, consider mismatching your wedding band to your engagement ring. The easiest and boldest way to do this isby  choosing a different colour metal. This modern look will draw attention to your stunning jewellery pieces and evoke conversation around your union.

With free delivery, a lifetime guarantee, and a 30-day return policy you can trust Diamond Exchange with your special purchase.

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