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Canada Mark

When BHP Billiton's Ekati Diamond Mine TM was first discovered and established in the Northwest Territories of Canada, the country soon became the world's third largest supplier of gem-quality diamonds. Canada now produces more diamonds in value than South Africa. For those concerned about purchasing an ethically sourced diamond, it is very difficult for customers to obtain proof of origin for a diamond, however Canada Mark diamonds are the exception. These diamonds are laser-inscribed with a unique serial number on the girdle of the stone, and are also printed on the accompanying Canada MarkTM certificate card.

Canada Mark diamonds are warranted to be natural, untreated, and audited at every stage so that you can see exactly which mine the diamond came from. When you see the Canada Mark logo on a diamond you can be assured that your diamond has been ethically mined and is 100% pure and untreated.

Extensive research has led to Canada Mark TM establishing highly specific and strict requirements for each graded diamond to ensure the highest quality, consistently. These requirements mean every CanadaMark diamond must meet specific grades of colour, clarity, symmetry and finish. No matter the size of the stone, each Canada Mark TM diamond still meets the strictest quality standards and are never treated by lasers to lighten dark inclusions, fracture-filled to mask inclusions, or subjected to high pressure and high temperature treatments to change the colour.

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