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Choosing Your Diamond

Choosing Your Diamond


At Diamond Exchange, we want your online diamond purchase to be as simple, secure and enjoyable as possible. So we offer a quick five-step process to creating your perfect diamond ring.

Education - To create your perfect ring, start looking at the hundreds of ring styles available and brush up on your knowledge about diamonds and ring designs in our education section.

Budget - No matter how big or small your budget is, we believe you should always concentrate on value and quality.

Diamond Selection - Find your perfect diamond from our range of over 20,000 diamonds. Then add it to your shopping cart.

Ring Selection - It’s now time to select the ring design. There are literally hundreds of ring styles and settings and one that’s perfect for you.

Ordering - Simply click Checkout, fill in your details and select a secure payment method. You will receive an order confirmation email and a Diamond Exchange consultant will contact you next business day to discuss delivery details.


A beautiful engagement or wedding ring is a serious investment. We believe you can maximise your budget to get the best value. When you buy online at Diamond Exchange, you can be sure we offer the highest quality rings at more than competitive prices. So means you get the most out of your budget.

Quality - We offer a wide range of diamonds of all sizes within any given budget. But remember, it is the quality of the stone that truly matters. Consider the cut, colour, clarity and carat weight of the diamond first, and then balance these within your budget.

The Style - To extend your budget, consider the style of your ring. While a single solitaire diamond ring might stand out, a smaller centre stone with surrounding diamonds in a cluster design can create a bigger and more contemporary look.

The Metal - A less expensive metal can make a significant difference to the amount you spend. Replace platinum with white gold and you can spend more on a larger stone.

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