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Diamond Cuts


Like us diamonds are all unique, including their shape. From the popular round diamond to a square princess cut diamond, we will help you shape your perfect ring. We offer an exceptional range of round brilliant cut diamonds, along with thousands of the finest non-round diamonds, also known as fancy cut diamonds.

Round Brilliant Cut

With almost 100 years of research going into optimising its fire and brilliance, the round brilliant cut is the most popular shape today. For premium brilliance we recommend you choose your round brilliant cut diamond in an Ideal, Excellent or Very Good cut grading.

Princess Cut 

Highlighted by pointed corners and traditionally square, the princess cut’s unique shape makes it a favourite for engagement rings. With colours more noticeable in the corners where facets join together, we recommend you select your princess cut diamond with a colour grade of D to H.  

Emerald Cut

Strikingly beautiful with long, clean lines, the emerald cut diamond is an elegant alternative to the more traditional cuts. Its pavilion (base) is cut with rectangular facets, creating broader flashes of brilliance rather than fiery sparkles of light visible in the brilliant or princess cut diamonds.

Asscher Cut

Almost identical to the emerald cut diamond, except the Asscher cut is square. Its pavilion (base) is cut with rectangular facets, creating broad flashes of brilliance and it’s crown (top) has an open table, making cutting flaws and inclusions more visible to the naked eye.

Marquise Cut  

Beautifully dramatic through its length and pointed ends, the Marquise cut maximises carat weight, giving the impression of a much larger diamond. Like the round brilliant cut, it appears the better the cut, the more brilliant the diamond.

Pear Shape Cut

An eye-catching cut, the pear shape diamond is also known as the ‘teardrop’ because of its one rounded end and other pointed end. Its unique shape makes it a popular choice for engagement rings and it’s length creates a subtle slimming effect on your finger.

Radiant Cut

The versatile radiant cut diamond blends the beauty and brilliance of a princess cut and the square shape with cut corners of an emerald cut to make a truly unique cut.

Heart Shape   

Fall in love with the most romantic shape for a diamond. The heart shape diamond traditionally serves as the ultimate symbol of love and is a popular choice for engagement rings.

Cushion Cut

Popular for over a century, cushion cut diamonds are cut with larger facets, increasing their brilliance and highlighting the diamond’s clarity. For the most brilliance, we recommend the three top cut grades – Ideal, Excellent and Very Good.

Oval Cut

A beautiful cut, the oval shape diamond is becoming a popular choice because its length can accentuate long, slender fingers. For the most brilliance, we recommend the three top cut grades – Ideal, Excellent and Very Good.

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