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Ice on Fire

Every diamond in our Ice on Fire Collection has been carefully selected, cut, and polished to the highest possible standards. Our exclusive Ice on Fire diamonds are thoroughly examined by our in-house experts, who then mark the proportions on the diamond that will create the most brilliance. Diamond Exchange's Ice on Fire diamonds are perfectly regular and symmetrically aligned, as shown in the top right image, ensuring that the maximum amount of brilliance is evenly reflected. Each Ice on Fire diamond is classed as "Super Ideal Cut" with a level of precision in their proportions that is far stricter than GIA's coveted "excellent" grading.

What sets Ice on Fire diamonds apart?

Proportions: The proportions of a diamond affect how light travels within the stone, so diamonds must be cut with the perfect proportions to maximise the amount of light reflected through the top of the diamond. Diamonds that are cut too shallow or too deep result in a dull lustre.

Symmetry: The symmetry of a diamond refers to the exactness of the shape and placement of the stone's facets, and is also another major element in creating a stone's brilliance. When the facets are properly aligned, all of the reflected light is directly focused at your eye. If the shape of the facets is slightly irregular, or if the facets are not aligned, it causes a misdirection of light.

Hearts and Arrows: Hearts and Arrows is a visual phenomena present in most well-cut diamonds. When a well-cut diamond is viewed from the bottom with a specialised lens, a beautiful pattern of eight hearts is visible. When looking from the top, a dramatic pattern of eight arrows is visible. 

All of our Ice on Fire diamonds are cut with perfect proportions, symmetry and polish and each one exhibits the visual phenomena known as Hearts and Arrows. All well cut diamonds require more time to cut and any cutting of these stones will generate some extra waste. These factors are why diamonds in our Ice on Fire Collection, are priced slightly higher than our other diamonds.

When you purchase a diamond from our Ice on Fire collection, you will also receive your own Ice-Scope, a useful tool to help you see the Hearts and Arrows effect in your stone, and proof of the time, skill, and energy that created your perfect diamond.

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