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As much as selecting the perfect engagement ring is one of those very special moments in your life, it’s can be a little daunting at the same time. So let’s take it step by step from choosing your dream diamond through to your perfect setting and ring style.



Selecting the perfect diamond for your engagement ring involves four simple steps:

Looking at diamond shapes and sizes, researching it’s quality (4 Cs) and then choosing the diamond that dazzles you.

Click to read Diamond Exchange’s Explaining Diamonds quick guide.



You may already have in mind your ideal setting. If not, here are some tips on selecting the perfect metal and colour from the three different types of ring metals we offer.

18ct White Gold

18ct white gold metal exudes an off-white colour that resembles platinum and is highly valued with 75% pure gold purity level. It resists tarnishing and rust and is easy to polish.

18ct Yellow Gold

A classic metal, its natural and rich gold colour makes it the popular choice. Less expensive than platinum, it is still highly valued with 75% pure gold purity level.


Extremely rare and valuable, platinum has the strength to last a lifetime. It’s high purity level of 95% makes it expensive but also hypoallergenic for those with allergies to certain metals.



Equally as important as choosing your perfect diamond, is selecting the right setting. Every setting creates its own unique look.


Solitaire - A classic setting style, Solitaire rings feature one diamond as the focal point of the ring. This simplicity makes it less expensive, allowing more to be spent on your single stone.  

Side Stones - A classic alternative to the traditional solitaire ring, smaller accent stones add sparkle to your ring and complement the centre diamond.

Three-Stone - Often referred to as trilogy rings, three-stone rings allow the accent stones to be specifically chosen by you to match with the centre diamond.

Cluster - Create a dazzling, modern look with a group of stones in a cluster setting. Plain and simple or intricately designed, you can create a ring that is truly unique to you.



Your engagement is a significant and emotional investment, and should be considered very carefully before purchase. While tradition dictates a two-month combined salary as a starting point,  we believe it’s more important to focus on value and quality, whatever your budget.

It may help to read some tips on getting more value for money. Click to read our guide to Maximising Your Budget.


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