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Wedding Rings


Your wedding ring is your commitment of love to each other and so deserves the appropriate care in selecting this lifetime purchase. Here is a guide to make this experience easier.

Wedding rings for her

Mix & Match - The most popular choice for a wedding ring is one designed to match your engagement ring. This can be achieved by having similar diamonds in both rings or by simply having the same metal type. However, there is a growing trend for mixing two different styles to create a unique and beautiful look.

Select Your Design - Do you choose a traditional plain ring, a diamond set ring or perhaps a patterned wedding ring? A popular choice is the plain band although in more recent years diamond set wedding rings are now emerging as a beautiful alternative.

Wedding bands for him

Exploring Metals - When it comes to men’s rings, it’s wise to pick a strong, high-quality metal like platinum. If you prefer the look of gold, you will find 9ct gold is the favoured choice for men because it is actually stronger and more durable than 18ct gold.

Exploring Colours - Traditionally men prefer yellow gold for wedding bands, although the simple white colour of both white gold and platinum has become a popular choice recently. You may even consider a more contemporary look of mixing both yellow and white.

Exploring Designs - It’s not surprising that plain wedding bands are the most popular choice for men. But if you are looking for something a bit special you may consider a more modern patterned wedding band from our range.

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