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Our Story


At Diamond Exchange, we are more than diamond experts. We are totally passionate about everything to do with diamonds.

As a leading Australian diamond trader with over 100 years of experience in the diamond trade, we are known for our integrity. Our name is built on trust.

We offer our clients world class diamond rings and jewellery, handcrafted in Australia and supported by extensive knowledge, brilliant craftsmanship and excellent service. And of course outstanding value.

Located in the heart of Melbourne, we launched the first e-commerce site for diamonds in Australia. And our business thrives on continuing to bring you innovation as well as the traditional diamond choices you love.

Specialising in loose diamonds, engagement rings and wedding rings, our team of diamond specialists include four qualified gemmologists, three diamond technologists, two registered jewellery valuers and ten jewellers, all highly skilled in their own areas of expertise.

The Diamond Exchange business is based on making the experience of choosing your perfect diamond ring an exceptional one. An experience that will ultimately exceed your expectations.

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