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Why Diamond Exchange?

  • Handcrafted in Australia

    All of our engagement rings are handcrafted by our own jewellers.

  • Free Shipping in Australia

    We ship nationwide, with each order fully insured for the journey.

  • Care for a Lifetime

    We protect your purchase with complimentary cleanings, appraisals, certification and a lifetime warranty.

  • Real-time Diamond Guidance

    Diamond Technologists and gemmologists are on hand to help you find the perfect diamond.

Current Top Sellers

More than Diamond Experts

At Diamond Exchange, we are more than diamonds experts.
We are totally passionate about everything to do with diamonds.

We offer our clients world class diamond rings and jewellery, handcrafted in Australia and supported by over 100 years of knowledge, brilliant craftsmanship and excellent service.
And of course outstanding value.

Located in the heart of Melbourne, we launched the first e-commerce site for diamonds in Australia. And our business thrives on continuing to bring you innovation as well the traditional diamond choices you love.

Diamond Engagement Rings & Jewellery

Jewellery marks the most momentous occasions of our lives. At Diamond Exchange we are honoured to play a part in celebrating the milestones of your journey. We are trusted online diamond and engagement ring experts, with a stunning Melbourne showroom, and over 100 years of combined experience in delivering exceptional quality diamond jewellery in Australia.

As premium diamond specialists, we offer a range of jewellery, including engagement rings that will ensure people watch your every move with envy. Our online jewellery design tools give you the ability to design your own stunning jewellery while chatting live to our passionate diamond experts, ensuring your new piece speaks to your personal style and reflects your individuality.

Diamond Exchange created the first Australian e-commerce diamond store to provide an avenue for Australian, and international diamond lovers, to obtain exquisite, handcrafted engagement rings and beautiful jewellery at an exceptional price. Our team of Gemologists, Diamond Technologists and highly-skilled Jewellers work together to create your engagement ring or other jewellery piece and watch every step of the process to ensure exceptional quality.

We are passionate about educating jewellery lovers to make well-informed investments that will be worn with love, forever. Our online Education Centre will empower you to choose the perfect engagement ring or piece of jewellery that conveys your spirit and style while you watch your Diamond Exchange jewellery attract the eyes of everyone around you.

All our diamond jewellery is accompanied by a GIA (Gemological Institute of America) certificate, which assesses the diamond against the 4C's of diamond quality - cut, clarity, colour and carat; so you know you are getting the quality diamond you deserve. And, with a lifetime guarantee, a 30 day return policy and our price beat ability, there's nothing to stop you celebrating with Diamond Exchange jewellery.

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